Facts: Began Fall 2014, Project Retired Spring 2021

Mission: There is a need for an affordable, safe, outpatient device that allows stroke patients to independently complete therapy exercises in order to restore motivation for recovery and cognitive and physical functionality while providing external feedback.

Delivered: A working build of the game and website done by C#, PHP, CSS, and HTML was presented to community partners in Spring 2018.

Impact: Allows stroke patients easier access to rehabilitation though their own computers.

Update Fall 2020

October 2020

This semester, our main focuses have been orienting a mostly new team to coding in Unity and developing a new project branch.  We have completed many tutorials offered by Unity which have helped us gain the experience necessary to work on Atalantia.  After a few weeks of learning, we reviewed the list of hand movements that Croi House suggested we implement, and we determined that there were some that are still underutilized.  In order to further develop our project, we brainstormed ideas for a new game design.  We chose to begin development of a claw game, the idea we deemed most feasible and useful, as it will implement a patient’s grip.  So far, we have the framework of the game finished.  The claw is operational with keyboard controls, and there are animated objects for the player to pick up with the claw.  Moving forward, we hope to map the keyboard controls to physical hand movements tracked by Leap Motion and continue to refine the code of the previous games we’ve built.

Since the last update, we've added more functionality to our Claw Game. There is now a start menu, where players can start or exit the game. There is also a help section where we eventually hope to eventually add the game instructions. Also, the pause menu is now operational. We realized that to implement Leap Motion controls into the game, we needed to transfer it to an older version of Unity. We are making this transition and implementing simple hand controls into the code. 

November 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have continued work on transitioning our Claw Game to Unity 2017, as well as implementing the necessary hand motions. We have also begun work on the documentation of our new project branch. Our goal is to ensure that teams in future semesters have a clear idea of how the game works so they will be able to avoid having to use some of the unclear instructions and tutorials we've been using to aid in our design.

We merged our project work together, & the Claw Game is now entirely functional! We tested it over break, & we've continued to work on documentation for future teams. We are excited to show off what we've accomplished at design review.

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