Mission: The incorporation of computer vision software to improve the quality of living and care for those who are at risk of stroke or who have suffered stroke.

Update Fall 2020

October 2020

Starting off the semester, we reviewed the past initial designs for the pill box and wearable alarm project to determine how to move forward.  After researching existing technologies and updating specifications for Croi House, we determined that there are already products that fulfil Croi House’s needs.  Therefore, we have decided to move on from the pill box project and are researching new projects in computer vision, possibly related to stroke detection.

The last few weeks have been a transition period for our team. We have decided to put our remaining time towards learning a computer vision software called Mediapipe. We have spent the last few weeks installing all of the needed software and configuring it properly on each of our computers. Next, we plan on going through some tutorials to learn about its functionality. 

November 2020

Currently, Comhoibriú is experimenting with the application of computer vision using Mediapipe and other software. We are exploring possibilities for future projects using the technology, possibly related to stroke detection and rehabilitation. 

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